Induction Year: 2005
Sport: Wheelchair Rugby

Special Achievements:

  • 2004-Canadian National Championship trophy was redesigned and renamed the Campbell Cup

  • Recipient of the Robert W. Jackson Award.

  • Recipient of the BCWSA Volunteer Achievement Award.

  • Recipient of the CPA Achievement Award.

  • Recipient of the BCWSA Millennium Award.

  • Recipient of the Sport Achievement Award.

Duncan Campbell is acknowledged throughout the world as the groundbreaking creator of the sport that is today called Wheelchair Rugby. In 1976 he, and a small group of friends, developed the basic rules, regulations and chair design that form the basis of this high impact, hugely popular Paralympic team sport. Duncan (a.k.a. The Quadfather) is still active in the sport as a player, recruiter, motivator, teacher and tactician for rugby in BC. He is a current member of the BC Provincial Wheelchair Rugby Team and a former member of the Canadian National Wheelchair Rugby Team.

As a mentor to great players such as Garett Hickling and Ian Chan, Duncan has played a major role in the past and current success of Canadian wheelchair rugby. As he continues to recruit and develop great new talent, Duncan remains a major player in the sport in Canada. Duncan earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Manitoba and a BA in Recreation Administration from the University of Alberta. He has worked as a Recreation Therapist at the G.F. Stronge Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver since 1991, where he has introduced countless numbers of Canadians to wheelchair sports and given them the motivation and inspiration they need to succeed in life and in sport.